THE CURED Review – In Cinemas 11th May

The Cured, starring Ellen Page & Sam Keeley, isn’t quite like all the other zombie apocalypse movies on the market. The story's premise is based on the infected being treated and cured of their once-zombie-like state. However, nothing is ever easy in this thought-provoking horror thriller.

George Romero on the Making of DIARY OF THE DEAD

The horror world lost one of its masters in 2017. On what would have been George Romero's 78th birthday, Horror Island revisits his 2007 interview in which he talks us through the filmmaking process and challenges for DIARY OF THE DEAD.

Zombieland (2009) | Review

Avoiding the metaphoric set-up akin to that of a limping zombie, let’s bite straight at the hyperbolic jugular of this review. ZOMBIELAND is an unashamedly OTT slick slice of geektastic entertainment that easily ranks amongst the most enjoyable you’ll spend in a darkened room this year.