SLASHER.COM Review – On Digital Download Now

A couple meet online despite warnings a serial killer is picking his victims from dating websites. Undeterred, they plan to meet and stay at a deserted cabin in the woods, but soon discover they're not alone. Disturbing, twisted slasher horror starring Jewel Shepard.

BEAST Review – In Cinemas Now

Michael Pearce’s debut feature BEAST is a psycho-sexual Cinderella-story framed by the beautiful, rugged background of Jersey. Inspired by the real life psychopath ‘the Beast of Jersey’, it stars Jessie Buckley as the put-down, repressed woman who meets Johnny Flynn's handsome prime suspect to a series of murders.


An All American family's road trip turns to terror and slaughter when they turn up to find the trailer park strangely deserted and Uncle Marvin, who invited them, dead and mangled. Christina Hendricks stars in horror sequel THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT (2018). In cinemas 4th May.

Wolf Creek (2005) | Review

WOLF CREEK, writer-director Greg McLean’s feature film debut (his background is in theatre and art) is a terrifying, stalking example of cruel and gritty horror. Influenced by Dogme 95, stylishly shot on HD and beginning...