THE CURED Review – In Cinemas 11th May

The Cured, starring Ellen Page & Sam Keeley, isn’t quite like all the other zombie apocalypse movies on the market. The story's premise is based on the infected being treated and cured of their once-zombie-like state. However, nothing is ever easy in this thought-provoking horror thriller.

Interactive Horror ALL FALL DOWN Comes to London

Brace yourself to experience ALL FALL DOWN, a unique and unforgettable interactive horror performance. Enter a world of shadows and phantoms, where nothing is as it seems and reality erodes away into a nightmare. Coming to London May 2018. 25% discount for Horror Island followers.

Support BLACK LAKE, An Ambitious Dark Animation

Imagine a darkly beautiful horror animation, from an award-winning writer/director, with live musicians to create the musical score & stunning graphics from a team lead by a top concept artist. Sounds good, right? BLACK LAKE will be all this and more - but they need YOU to make it happen.

A QUIET PLACE Review – In Cinemas Now

John Krasinki's bold decision to direct and star in a story in a setting where being silent is a prerequisite to survival for his first horror outing, A QUIET PLACE, proving that an almost constantly silent backdrop can enhance a suspenseful atmosphere.

TRUTH OR DARE Review – In Cinemas 13th April

College friends celebrating their “Final Spring break before life tears us apart” head for a haunted house in a remote town in Mexico. There they are plunged into an escalating nightmare of terror, catalysed by their desperate answers to the question: Truth or Dare?

THE FERRYMAN Review – On VOD 13th April

A depressed young woman is stalked by a malevolent force in this chilling, atmospheric horror from writer/director Elliott Maguire. Available on VOD 13th April, 2018.

ALIEN DOMICILE Review – Available 9th April

Deep underground in the Nevada Desert, something is amiss. After decades of secrecy, the US Military has finally come clean and acknowledged the existence of the top secret area known only as Area 51. What goes on there is a different matter.