SLASHER.COM Review – On Digital Download Now

A couple meet online despite warnings a serial killer is picking his victims from dating websites. Undeterred, they plan to meet and stay at a deserted cabin in the woods, but soon discover they're not alone. Disturbing, twisted slasher horror starring Jewel Shepard.

Cub (Welp) (2014) dir. Jonas Govaerts | Review

Flemish filmmaker Jonas Govaerts debut feature CUB focuses on a group of scouts on a typical woodland camping expedition. But these are no ordinary woods and our impressionable young lead Sam (Maurice Luijten) is no ordinary boy.

The Hallow (2015) dir. Corin Hardy | Review

Corin Hardy grew up gorging on horror classics such as The Thing, Alien & The Evil Dead. Their monstrous gooey trails are clearly seen and keenly felt throughout his confident, stylish directorial debut.