A scene from SLASHER.COM

SLASHER.COM Review by Michelle Moore

Slasher.com is honestly one of the most disturbing movies you will see in quite some time. It is a movie that makes very little sense and it is not really until the last five minutes that the entire thing comes to some sort of logic within your mind.

The movie opens with a murder, apparently the thirteenth victim of a slasher that has been picking his victims through dating websites. As the opening credits roll this murder sequence is played, with some close-up of the victim’s eyes as she is murdered and the blood as it splatters over the walls and ceiling. The media covering the murder scene relate this to dating websites and warn every one off of them.

Dating Websites and a Deserted Cabin – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The deranged family from SLASHER.COM

As the film progresses two individuals meet for the first time, apparently having arranged this meeting through a dating website (and no one appears concerned?!) Kristy (Morgan Carter) has arranged for her and Jack (Ben Kaplan) to go to a deserted cabin in the woods (and the alarm bells are still not ringing) to spend their first date (and a few extra nights) away from the hustle and bustle from the city. As these two spend some romantic time together in the remote, isolated woods, they are spied upon by the cabins owners, a wife and husband and their daughter.

However, this is no ordinary family and from the outset there is something terribly wrong with this picture. The wife  – or “momma” (Jewel Shepard)  as she insists on being called – appears twisted, awfully creepy, wide eyed, and has a weird and disgusting obsession with a metal spoon. The daughter is odd for her age – plays sexually with dolls and is way past her teen years. There is also an incestuous relationship between the husband and his daughter insinuated.

More and More Disturbing

A scene from SLASHER.COM

Slasher.com just gets more and more disturbing as it progresses into the story. As Jack and Kristy awake to find themselves tied up, this is the turning point in the story, where the innuendos, creepy looks and suggestive actions make sense to some degree. There are some far-fetched moments, such as when the daughter is impaled and collapses but still makes one more jump stating “love me” before dying. As the movie comes to its closing twenty minutes the true slasher is revealed and the movie takes a sudden twist… and then another.

From the title of the movie you would have expected a little more technology within the movie, when in fact there is very little. Although the couple met through a dating website, and this is aiding the slasher within his game of finding another victim, there is actually no emphasis on the internet or computer what so ever. Technology was just the means used by the slasher to reach his end goal.

Although the movie itself may not be one of the bloodiest, violent or nauseating of its time, the plot twists certainly make things interesting, with something you don’t see coming at the end.

Dir. Chip Gubera, US, 2016, 89 mins, cert. 18

Cast: Jewel Shepard, R.A Milhailoff, Ben Kaplan, Morgan Carter


Slasher.com is available on digital download from 7th May

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