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Nefarious. Extremely wicked or villainous.

Ash Mountain Films, the team behind the multi-award winning folk horror Dogged, firmly believe that the real monsters of this world are human. Now, with a new Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for their second feature, NEFARIOUS, a home invasion horror thriller with a twist, they promise to make audiences feel intimidated, isolated – and downright scared!

The character-driven story follows a group of poverty-stricken friends from a sink estate, who, following a botched robbery, get in way too deep and end up fighting for their lives against a predator of monstrous proportions.

The choice horror cast includes Toby Wynn-Davies (Escape From Cannibal Farm, Dogged) and Aaron Thomas Ward, star of the hit Crypt TV short film The Birch, with Richard Rowntree in the director’s chair.

NEFARIOUS Kickstarter Campaign

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, which raised over £15k, Dogged went on to win four awards for Best Feature at film festivals around the world, plus awards for Best Actor and Best Producer.  It also picked up distribution from Left Films and will be available on DVD and VOD very soon.

All of this was made possible by horror fans like you!

The four-strong team at Ash Mountain want to make NEFARIOUS and they want you to see it.

No-one gets paid, they do it because they love horror and they love making films, but they need your support for production costs, and in return there are lots and lots of exciting rewards, including a DVD copy of the completed film, set visits or you can even be an extra or get a co-producer’s credit!

Check out the full details, meet the cast & crew, savour the rewards and pick your pledge here:


NEFARIOUS is already proving a hit with horror fans, receiving 15% of its £20,000 goal in the just the first 72 hours of launch. The campaign finishes 18th May, and it’s all-or-nothing!


You can also get behind the film by spreading the word:

Use the hashtag #Nefarious and get regular updates from twitter

@NefariousMovie @AshMountainFilm and @r_rowntree

and on Facebook via @NefariousFilm & @AshMountainFilms

And help make NEFARIOUS happen.


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