Ellen Page in zombie horror thriller THE CURED

THE CURED Review by Emilia McKay

The Cured isn’t quite like all the other zombie apocalypse movies on the market. The premise of the story is based on the infected being treated and, essentially cured of their once-zombie-like state. However, nothing is ever easy.

Set in Ireland, Senan Browne, played by Sam Keeley, is reliving the nightmare through a series of flashbacks which are intermittent throughout the film. Unfortunately for the Cured, you remember every bloody and graphic crime you have committed.

Senan was once infected by the Maze virus, which he contracted through being bitten.  However, he’s fortunate enough to be cured and responds well to the treatment. His sister-in-law Abbie, played by Ellen Page, welcomes him into her home, unlike some of her neighbours. The repercussions of her actions isolate her as a sympathiser, as she becomes victim to hate attacks.

Sam Keeley in zombie thriller THE CURED

Zombie Infection

Though Senan was once a cannibalistic creature, a lot of people can’t let this go, both human and Cured.

Very quickly, the storyline takes us on a fast paced bloody nightmare. The antagonist to Keeley’s protagonist is played by Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, who charmingly draws you in to his deranged character Conor.

The base of the story is reminiscent of 28 Days Later, but with more dialogue and challenging the topic of post-apocalypse, which is often overlooked in the zombie genre. It’s also interesting to see those who are subjected to the zombie infection, maintain their human features.

It’s also a stimulating visual viewing, shying away from computer generated SFX and opting to use more SFX makeup with plenty of blood.

Can you forgive a Zombie?

We also witness the captivating use of physical and verbal language between the Cured and the infected. This took up some of the main focus, as a fresh viewpoint on the Hollywood zombie. In this case, they aren’t mindless killing machines, and each move they make is like a well-executed plan. They are calculating and manipulative.

The Cured community are essentially ostracised for what they were, as cold blooded killers. Comparatively in the real world, it begs the question: ‘If you did something terrible, and out of your control, could you be forgiven?’ It’s a question that is divisive as much in the real world as it is in a fictional movie, and inherently becomes a relatable topic, minus the undead bit.

film poster for zombie thriller THE CURED starring Ellen Page and Sam Keeley

Dir. David Freyne, Ireland, 2017, 95 mins, Cert. 15

Cast: Ellen Page, Sam Keeley, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Stuart Graham

THE CURED is in cinemas from 11th May, 2018.

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