Insidious (2010) | Review

In-sid-i-ous - 1. Proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects. 2. Treacherous; crafty. You might want to add a third definition to that which states that 'Insidious' is also a movie that will shred your nerves to the very core with its things that go bump in the night.

Wisconsin Death Trip (1999) | Review

Wisconsin Death Trip, James Marsh’s haunting, shocking and strangely beautiful docu-drama, takes as its inspiration the cult 1973 book of the same name by Michael Lesy. Ah Wisconsin, The Dairy State. Clean fresh air and...

Wolf Creek (2005) | Review

WOLF CREEK, writer-director Greg McLean’s feature film debut (his background is in theatre and art) is a terrifying, stalking example of cruel and gritty horror. Influenced by Dogme 95, stylishly shot on HD and beginning...

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014) | Review

The Town That Dreaded Sundown is an interesting product, being produced by Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Productions. A redo of1976’s film of the same name, itself based on a real-life series of murders that took place on the Texas-Arkansas border shortly after World War II.

The Hallow (2015) dir. Corin Hardy | Review

Corin Hardy grew up gorging on horror classics such as The Thing, Alien & The Evil Dead. Their monstrous gooey trails are clearly seen and keenly felt throughout his confident, stylish directorial debut.