The life of Michael Myers – 40 years on

Halloween (1978) is a genuinely scary, stylish and tasteful, extremely well crafted slasher/horror classic from director John Carpenter. This original film invented many of the slasher clichés and was one of the most successful independent films ever made.

Top Folk Horror Movies: A Beginner’s Guide

Top Folk Horror Movies Feature by Dan Collacott Folk horror also referred to as rural horror is an umbrella term for horror films that center around a multitude of backwood genres, from secret cults and...

Interview with NEFARIOUS Director, Richard Rowntree

Director Richard Rowntree talks to Dan Collacott about the Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for home invasion horror thriller NEFARIOUS plus the soon-to-be released folk horror, DOGGED. Want to be a part of Nefarious? Campaign ends 18th May.

THE CURED Review – In Cinemas 11th May

The Cured, starring Ellen Page & Sam Keeley, isn’t quite like all the other zombie apocalypse movies on the market. The story's premise is based on the infected being treated and cured of their once-zombie-like state. However, nothing is ever easy in this thought-provoking horror thriller.

SLASHER.COM Review – On Digital Download Now

A couple meet online despite warnings a serial killer is picking his victims from dating websites. Undeterred, they plan to meet and stay at a deserted cabin in the woods, but soon discover they're not alone. Disturbing, twisted slasher horror starring Jewel Shepard.

BEAST Review – In Cinemas Now

Michael Pearce’s debut feature BEAST is a psycho-sexual Cinderella-story framed by the beautiful, rugged background of Jersey. Inspired by the real life psychopath ‘the Beast of Jersey’, it stars Jessie Buckley as the put-down, repressed woman who meets Johnny Flynn's handsome prime suspect to a series of murders.


An All American family's road trip turns to terror and slaughter when they turn up to find the trailer park strangely deserted and Uncle Marvin, who invited them, dead and mangled. Christina Hendricks stars in horror sequel THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT (2018). In cinemas 4th May.

Interactive Horror ALL FALL DOWN Comes to London

Brace yourself to experience ALL FALL DOWN, a unique and unforgettable interactive horror performance. Enter a world of shadows and phantoms, where nothing is as it seems and reality erodes away into a nightmare. Coming to London May 2018. 25% discount for Horror Island followers.

Support BLACK LAKE, An Ambitious Dark Animation

Imagine a darkly beautiful horror animation, from an award-winning writer/director, with live musicians to create the musical score & stunning graphics from a team lead by a top concept artist. Sounds good, right? BLACK LAKE will be all this and more - but they need YOU to make it happen.

A QUIET PLACE Review – In Cinemas Now

John Krasinki's bold decision to direct and star in a story in a setting where being silent is a prerequisite to survival for his first horror outing, A QUIET PLACE, proving that an almost constantly silent backdrop can enhance a suspenseful atmosphere.


From writer-director Tom Lee Rutter, BELLA IN THE WYCH ELM is a Midlands Phantasmagoria, a darkly beautiful and true murder mystery that began Seventy-five years ago, when schoolboys trespassing through Hagley Woods made a horrific discovery, prompting the question: Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?

TRUTH OR DARE Review – In Cinemas 13th April

College friends celebrating their “Final Spring break before life tears us apart” head for a haunted house in a remote town in Mexico. There they are plunged into an escalating nightmare of terror, catalysed by their desperate answers to the question: Truth or Dare?

THE FERRYMAN Review – On VOD 13th April

A depressed young woman is stalked by a malevolent force in this chilling, atmospheric horror from writer/director Elliott Maguire. Available on VOD 13th April, 2018.

British Horror Loves a Good Ghost Story

Tom Bielby takes a look at how stories of ghosts and the supernatural have been at the forefront of British horror throughout its fascinating history, from 1945's DEAD OF NIGHT through to the latest cinematic chiller, GHOST STORIES.

GHOST STORIES Review – In Cinemas 6th April

Based on their terrifying West End Play, Andy Nyman & Jeremy Dyson bring their horror anthology to the big screen. Prof. Goodman’s (Nyman) life takes an unexpected turn when he is challenged by a former mentor to investigate and resolve three unsolved hauntings.